Further Hotend Developments

In the ongoing quest to waste mountains of PETG I’ve made some further amendments to the hotend design I’m using.

Key changesare the removal of some of the more awkward to print features from the back of the print. This should make it more reliably able to be reproduced on a wider range of starting machines. I’ve also redesigned it to use a 5015 fan (which friction fits) for part cooling.

I kind of liked it better when it came from tron

Assembly is still the same pretty straightforward glue piezo to back (I’m using Hobbyking ‘thick’ superglue) The rest of it goes together in a fairly obvious kind of way so it ends up looking something like this (hopefully yours will look neater!)

Follow these instructions and your wiring could be this messy!

The updated models are available on thingiverse .

If you are going to use this mount, bear in mind the following:

  • The X Endstop is as close to the same position as I could get it, but it will probably put the nozzle at about -1 when homed. You could compensate in firmware or by padding your endstop
  • Because a V6 is phyically bigger than the stock hotend, and you need some extension to generate a lever to trigger the piezo you lose about 8mm of Y.
  • +X travel should be unaffected.

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