Bed Levelling 2 of N

So, version 1 (the carriage) was too involved. V2 (Just the mount) kind of worked but was too small. Was V3 just right?



Was it bollocks:

Turns out my groove mount measurements are off. and when I’d thickened up the fan mount for a bit more strength I’d managed to make the hole for the fan itself too small.

Looking at it I was also using far more material than neccessary (so extra weight etc). As such we’re now onto mount version 4:

Still not a Tron villain

Upgrades include:

  • About 25% less material usage (30g @30% infill)
  • Better directed (maybe?) airflow.

The mount is designed to be used with these tiny little 3010 radial fans I picked up at the same time as the piezo kits. They’re nominal 5V, but seem to run fine with 2 in series at 12V. They also move a huge amount of air for the size. I would guess probably equivalent if not slightly more than the (random chinese brand) 5015 blowers I have. Considering they’re also about half the weight combined I’m going to consider them a good buy.


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