TronXY X5S Bed levelling 1 of N

One of the key objectives I have for the X5S is to get auto bed levelling working properly. Smoothie does n-point grid levelling quite easily (or at least it looks easy in the docs) so the question is how to actually set up the sensor.

Because I’m awkward I didn’t want to use a standard capacitative/bl-touch type sensor because of the size of them (and the consequent impact on build platform etc). I chose to go for the relatively new Piezo type sensor from I like the idea of using the nozzle as the sensor, and also how active the development team are for it over on reprapforums.

Although the team have done a great job putting together quite a varied selection of mounts, they are (quite reasonably) designed around the printers they have. Since none of these are an X5S (or a CR10, or one of the other designs using the same type of mount).

I started off with the intention of replacing the entire carriage with a printed part, the first version of which looks like this:

Not more insane under-extrusion, but actually a semi-transparent PETG I don’t really like the look of so I’m using it for prototyping

The intention is that the Piezo disc sits in a relief on the back:

Relief should be where the different texture is. Unfortunately PETG with not a lot of fan doesn’t like 0.5mm features with no support!

There is then just enough compliance in the groove mount for the for the piezo to deflect and send a signal. Unfortunately as you can see above, this doesn’t print very well. And also means taking the whole printer apart to test properly. On to version 2:

With this version I’ve gone for something to reuse the stock mounting solution, but I still need to play with the positioning before it’s ready for proper testing.

This is the model that’s currently on the printer:

No, not something from Tron, my test mount for an E3D V6

Hopefully it will be something like.


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