RepRap Discount GLCD & MKS SBase

I’ve already written about how I find the MKS TFT32 to be somewhat subpar as a control mechanism. So I decided to hook up the Sbase in the X5S to the 12864 GLCD that came with the X5S. I assumed this would be straightforward. Turns out it’s a bit of a pain in the arse.

The main thing people are probably aware of is that the ports on the SBase are reversed relative to the ‘standard’ RRD GLCD pinout which RAMPs etc uses. You need to (relatively easily using a set of flush cutters then connect the cables like so.


Unfortunately (at least for my setup) that isn’t the end of it. I also found the Rotary controller wasn’t working as expected. Left was moving the menu down, and the options were moving 2 steps at a time. In order to fix this I had to make the following changes to the config for the panel:

panel.lcd reprap_discount_glcd #
panel.spi_channel 0 # spi channel to use ; GLCD EXP1 Pins 3,5 (MOSI, SCLK)
panel.spi_cs_pin 0.16 # spi chip select ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 4
panel.encoder_a_pin 3.26!^ # encoder pin ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 3 reversed
panel.encoder_b_pin 3.25!^ # encoder pin ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 5 reversed
panel.encoder.resolution 4
panel.click_button_pin 1.30!^ # click button ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 2
panel.buzz_pin 1.31 # pin for buzzer ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 1
panel.back_button_pin 2.11!^ # back button ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 8
panel.alpha_jog_feedrate 6000 # x jogging feedrate in mm/min
panel.beta_jog_feedrate 6000 # y jogging feedrate in mm/min
panel.gamma_jog_feedrate 200 # z jogging feedrate in mm/min

panel.hotend_temperature 210 # temp to set hotend when preheat is selected
panel.bed_temperature 40 # temp to set bed when preheat is selected

With these changes made I was up and chooching. But what about replacing filament? Long term the main thing I’ll be using the panel for is preheating and changing filament. to add Filament change to the menu you can add the following configuration:

custom_menu.filament_load.enable true # Load Filament #
custom_menu.filament_load.command G91|G0_Z10|G0_E50 # Relative position, z to +10 from where it is, extrude 50mm
custom_menu.filament_unload.enable true # Unload Filament #
custom_menu.filament_unload.command G91|G0_E100 # Relative Position, retract100mm @ default feedrate

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