First Print on the TronxyX5S

Safe to say that didn’t go quite as planned:


Dissapointing first print off the X5S. Reassuringly the dimensions are accurate, but theres huge underextrusion. This is either E-Steps calibrated wrongly (I’m using a Tevo clone of an E3D titan, with their supplied values) or a blocked/under temp hotend. It occurs to me I haven’t actually done anything with the thermistor values from the stock smoothieconfig either. The stock config is for an RRRF100K thermistor, the one in my clone hotend is ostensibly a 100k 3950. This would translate to me trying to print at about 185 when I thought it was 210 (if my memory of thermistor resistance calcs is right, it probably isnt).

You can also see some layer shifting. I’m hoping that’s down to the state of the infill, but if it’s not I’ll go one problem at a time.



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