2nd Print on the X5S

After the disaster of a first print on the X5S I tweaked a few things:

  1. Updated the temperature curve to the correct (ish) one for the one I’m using using the Marlin temp table for a 3950 100k Thermistor.
  2. Replaced the bowden tube in my clone E3D heatbreak.
  3. Switched to some better filament.

Good news is everything worked great:

It shows some signs of overextrusion, so I’ll need to tweak that slightly. And clearly it’s ringing a lot. This is probably a combination of my quite aggressive settings (Junction deviation is at 0.1 for the moment and clearly needs to come down) and this being sliced @ 80mm/s and me ramping the dial up to 200% print speed.

On the plus side, it took just under 8 minutes to print!


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