Dual Printer Octopi

I currently run the Wanhao i3 nearly exclusively from octoprint – even for pre-heating, jogging etc as it’s much more straightforward than doing it on screen. So I decided to see how practical it was to use a second printer on my existing Pi. Turns out it’s reasonably straightforward.



The original plan with the X5S was to run it with the MKS TFT32 and it’s LAN connection. However, that ran into a bit of a snag when the TFT32 turned out to be unsuitable for what I wanted. Coupled to that the WIFI bridge I wanted to use wouldn’t pick up a signal in my basement where I run the printers, this is despite my phone, tablet, laptop and Rasperry Pi 3 all able to get a good reception.

I found a very straightforward guide by a guy called Thomas Messmer here. Using that I was quickly (about 20 minutes, maybe 30 if you’re not familiar with the linux commandline) able to get a second instance of Octoprint up and running at /X5S/.

A couple of things to note that I don’t think he clearly explains:

When configuring HAProxy X-Script-Name should be the same as the relevant path_beg for that printer. Also, don’t overlook the requirement to change the matching rules to add the same string on the line beginning reqrep.

Once I’d Ironed out those couple of bugs it worked very nicely for me.


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