LCD for MKS SBase – Thoughts

I mentioned in another post that I bought the MKS TFT32 module to go along with the SBase. If anyone is considering doing that themselves I’d strongly reccomend not doing.

I may have a particularly poor one, but so far as I can tell the thing is pretty much garbage for what most people will want it to do.


I freely admit to not doing enough reading on what this actually did before I got it, but the design of this is frankly crazy. The TFT32 (and the smaller TFT28) are essentially an entirely contained unit which talks GCode to the board over a serial port.

This is fine in principle (it’s how Octoprint works, which I think is a fantastic tool) but unfortunately the way the system is designed (unless I’m being a complete moron) means you actually can’t monitor an inprogress print unless it’s initiated from the screen itself. For me this is a deal breaker, as I want to connect the machine upto Octoprint and do most of my printing from that.

As a consequence I’m going to be changing my setup to use the stock screen (which also should connect to the Sbase with no trouble).

Were that it I’d just chalk it up to my lack of reading and say its not for everyone. But I can’t even reccomend the device itself. Even if you only want to control the machine whilst sat in front of it. The touch sensitivity of the screen is scewed so that you nearly always end up hitting the wrong button. If there was access to open firmware for it it could be calibrated, but it can’t.

It also only appears to start a print 1 out of 3 times. I’ve tried 3 or 4 SD cards, 2 of which are good quality ones from the camera just to eliminate it as an issue. This is immensly frustrating.

Long story short, this is going in the parts bin until the flash tool I ordered comes in and I try out this alternative firmware on it. In the meantime I’m going to print up a wallmount for an old tablet to have octoprint on permanently.


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