Assembling the rest of the X5S

So, with the hotend assembled, I went through and finished the rest of the mechanical assembly ready for wiring.

Started off by assembling the upgraded carriages/idler plates including printed idlers using 608ZZ. I’m not 100% confident with using these, but they’re an order of magnitude better than the garbage stacked bearings & repair washers that come with the printer.

I started by mounting up the Z axis using printed Z motor mounts (my acrylic ones were broken on arrival). For now I’ve left the heated bed off. My mains heating pad hasn’t yet arrived, but I’m hopeful its going to arrive before the rest is together and I don’t want to take the thing apart again. I’m also not sure what I’m going to do about bed levelling, I need to figure out a mount for the precision piezo setup to do auto levelling, but for now I’m probably just going to use 3 screws + locknuts like the i3.

After much farting around moving idlers up and down because I didn’t figure out how the belts were supposed to run I ended up with something like this:

What twigged was that in the corexy belt diagram you want all the idlers in the same plane. Mine are blue high, red low.


I wanted to run a few movement tests and do a bit of calibration before I finalise the wiring, so at the moment the printer (and my basement) look a state. Hence no photos.

Now on to configuring Smoothieware.


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