Tronxy X5S – Unboxing

Much as I love the Wanhao Duplicator i3 I was sometimes finding the size of the build plate restrictive, mostly as a result of the limited Z axis (180mm in theory, probably more like 170 in practice) was really limiting some of the larger prints I wanted to do.

I had originally planned on building a Kossel XL in the style of David Crocker  (check out his build log for something super cool). However, someone on the i3 Facebook group turned me on to the Tronxy X5S kit.

It’s somewhere in the $320-350 ball park on Gearbest (depending on the sale) and promises a 330*330*400 build volume. Pretty huge, so I pushed the button and 3 weeks later got a big heavy box at the front door.

What follows is my initial impressions of the kit, and an outline of what I’ll be doing to it as I build over the next couple of weeks.

So, on unboxing, first impressions are Holy Shit the build area is big:

Second thoughts were, what a surprise, the motor mounts are broken:


I think essentially everyone on the facebook group that has this printer has found those mounts broken so far. For me it’s not an issue as I can print replacements, but it’s one of the things that makes this a bit of a stretch to recommend as a first machine.

For the rest of it, I’d say it’s packaged reasonably well. The linear rails/lead screws are shrink wrapped together then packed against the extrusions so shouldn’t bend in transit, and the bed is well padded enough to prevent knocks.

So, on to the upgrade plans:

  1. Replacement PETG Motor Mounts – pretty much a requirement!
  2. Upgraded Y Carriages, Corner Idler mounts from 3DFreezeMe
  3. Upgraded X Carriage Belt Attachment from Sgabolab
  4. Board is being replaced with MKS SBase & MKS TFT32
  5. Extruder being upgraded in some way (I’m yet to decide on a Wade’s, Titan Clone or a random Ultimaker clone I have kicking around somewhere)
  6. Hotend being replaced with an E3D V6 Clone, and eventually a genuine Volcano.
  7. Heated bed upgrade with a 220V heating mat and SSR control.
  8. Mirror Glass surface for printing.
  9. Auto Bed Levelling using Precision Peizo sensor.

At a later stage I plan to try playing around with Dual Extrusion, but want to get this up and running (somewhat close) to stock first.


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