Wanhao i3 – MKS Sbase Mounting

Having got the i3 up and running with Marlin 2 I started to think about where the board was actually going to go. The board is too big to fit in the control box properly, and I would need to redo most of the wiring to support the bed leveling anyway.

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Wanhao i3 – MKS SBase & Marlin 2

Since I wanted to start properly playing around with my Wanhao i3 (MP Maker Select/Cocoon Create/Whatever else) it was obvious I was going to need to replace the stock Melzi board with something more capable. In my case I had a choice between a RAMPS 1.4 and an MKS Sbase. I chose the latter, largely because it’s easier to package a single board than a thick stack.

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Marlin 2, ABL and a Titan extruder for the Wanhao i3

Since the X5S is up and running (more or less) trouble free, I wanted to give the i3, which had been largely gathering dust some attention.

ABL is so good once you’re used to it it’s hard to imagine not using it so I knew that was a must. I also needed to set one of the printers up for 3mm to make use of the haul I got from Lulzbots filament sale.

Gogogadget draw of aliexpress impulse buys!

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Anycubic Kossel Mini Upgrades

I picked up an Anycubic Kossel Mini ‘Upgraded Pulley Version’ in Gearbest’s Black Friday sale. On the one hand because I have a problem, but also because I love watching Deltas print.

Out of the box it went together reasonably well, but the prints it put out were only reasonable in quality, I think in large part because the ‘Upgraded’ pulleys have a lot of play. Rather than have something under continual construction like the X5S was/is I wanted to plan (novel) what I was doing and hopefully have something I’m happy with permanently at the end of the day.

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Filament Sensing – X5S & MKS SBase

I had my first ever print run out of filament today. Usually I’m much more consciencous about keeping on top of it, but the print without going to the basement aspect that octoprint + abl obviously has me being lazy and I didn’t check the spool properly.

Off I went on a quest to add automatic filament runout sensing to the X5S running smoothieware.

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Automagic lighting for the X5S

One of the things I’ve been promising myself to do with my printers for a while is to get them properly lit. My workspace is in the back corner of the garage, and I spend a huge amount of time working under a small tasklamp.

Gogo gadget LED Strip!

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