Filament Sensing – X5S & MKS SBase

I had my first ever print run out of filament today. Usually I’m much more consciencous about keeping on top of it, but the print without going to the basement aspect that octoprint + abl obviously has me being lazy and I didn’t check the spool properly.

Off I went on a quest to add automatic filament runout sensing to the X5S running smoothieware.

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Automagic lighting for the X5S

One of the things I’ve been promising myself to do with my printers for a while is to get them properly lit. My workspace is in the back corner of the garage, and I spend a huge amount of time working under a small tasklamp.

Gogo gadget LED Strip!

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Further adventures in bedlevelling

In my last post I had decided to stick with 3 point levelling. Although that seemed to be working for smaller prints, I was having spots with really poor adhesion on the outside edges of the bed. Presumably due either to flexing up/down or irregularities in my glass.

As a consequence I’ve switched back (at least for now) to full grid levelling. It adds about 3 minutes to the start of the print, which isn’t unreasonable.

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